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Dog Obedience Training Tomball Tx.

Dog obedience behaviour issues can be challenging to you and your family. We offer a variety of dog obedience training classes in the Tomball Txarea to address a variety of behavior issues. We teach dogs to Sit, Heel, Stay, Down, Come and more. We teach leash training, off leash training and hand signals. We provide dog obedience training in the Tomball area.

Puppy Dog Training Tomball Tx

Puppy dog training is a skill set that takes patience and consistency. Our Puppy Training includes basic obedience training, walking on a leash, learning to socialize with other dogs, potty training & general house training techniques and attention span focus. We provide puppy training in the Tomball area.

Service Dog Training Tomball Tx

Our passion is Service Dogs and our mission is to serve our local Houston community by providing families with Service Dog Training that allows our clients to live a fulfilled life with the assistance of a professionally trained service dog in the Tomball area.

Therapy Dog Training Tomball Tx

Therapy dogs require proper training and the right temperament. Therapy Dogs provide comfort and affection for people in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospice facilities, hospitals, schools, disaster relief situations and various shelters in the Tomball area.

Personal Protection Training Tomball Tx

Personal Protection Dog Training is a service that trains specific dogs how to be compassionate and loving to you and your family while having the skills to protect individuals and property. Essentially, this service results in well trained guard dogs that protect your family, residence or business. While we currently do not offer Personal Protection Training in the Tomball area, we plan to offer this training soon.

Search And Rescue Dog Training Tomball Tx

At Dog Training of Houston, we have Search and Rescue handlers that are certified to train specific dogs in Search and Rescue. Requirements for the SAR dog include trainability, endurance, agility, and the ability to get along with other people and other dogs. A search and rescue dog is a normally valued member of the handler's family. Most SAR dogs are normally the larger working and sporting dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labradors Dobermans, Rottweilers and Giant Schnauzers. Our search and rescue training is offer in Tomball Tx area.

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